Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kindergarten Early Access Trainer

What's up guys

I'm here announcing my Kindergarten Early Access Trainer

Appropriately named "Recess" this is the only available Trainer for this game as of 4/17/17

"Recess" will become a permanent project so it will be updated along with the game

Below you will find  IMPORTANT notes, the download for the trainer, and Features

- Infinite PiggyBank Money
- Infinite Apples (Press enter when Cheat is activated to gain money without the piggybank)

- Take atleast 10 cent out of the piggybank before activating money Cheat
- Lose atleast 1 apple before activating Apple Cheat

There is also 2 readme's inside the .rar

Disclaimer: Trainer is made with Cheatengine, Therefore it will give a false positive when scanned

If you have ANY problems with these trainers or any other of my trainers please contact me on Twitter @JohnKittz

Download Kindergarten Early Access (Steam - $4.99)

Download Kindergarten Early Access (IGGGAMES - FREE)

Download Kindergarten Early Access Trainer

Special Thanks:
- Cheat The Game (CTG)
- Ken Mcguinness
- GuidedHacking (GH)
- Stephen Chapman
- Jason Blount

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