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Why I'm An Anti-theist Atheist

Today I want to talk about why I'm an Anti-theist Atheist. I want to point out I'm an Ex-Christian I was super dedicated for 6 years of my life to the Christian religion. I should probably start by telling you how I became atheist, then eventually Anti-theist. Well, after 6 years of dedicating my life to this religion, I started researching "Proof of God" after a while I realized there  was 0 evidence or proof of any of the gods for that matter, I then started researching the contradictions within the bible and was astonished by how many there actually are. I begin to read the Bible with a non bias point-of-view and realized how sadistic the God actually is, he condones slavery, not only is slavery okay, but it's also okay to beat that slave as long as the slave doesn't die within 2 days.
This "loving" god also ordered the genocide of women, men, and children. This same "loving" god also talks about giving up girls for rape. All Verses wi…

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