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Major changes coming to the site

Hey, what's up guys. I have some quick news regarding the site and the future of it. Most of you probably know I stopped making trainers awhile ago due to the lack of motivation I had. That same lack of motivation hit me not long after i started making mod apks. The burn out is real and it's just not fun anymore. I'm mostly wanting to change focus to pulled apks, game reviews, gamegaurdian Tutorials, paid apks, Theotown mods, pocket city news and the occasional random article I might write. Pretty much anything I find enjoyable enough to write about. I might start modding again, but not anytime soon (along with the lack of motivation, my laptop finally dead an I'm just not able to grab another). The site will be having some major changes soon along with some new ways to donate. I hope everybody understands and has a wonderful day/night. I hope to see some of you back!

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