How to Make a Basic VB Trainer

Lets Get Right into this....

I'm gonna be Providing ReadWriteMemory+Coding for all this

This is only a Basic VB Trainer i do NOT use Offsets in this tutorial that is for another time

you wanna start off by Creating a new Project in VB Name it Whatever You want

after Creating the Project Add ReadWriteMemory by Clicking on Project>Add Existing Item

Once ReadWriteMemory is added we can get to work.....

Add a TextBox+Button to your Form, after adding both of those download This Code

once you downloaded the Code, add your static address and Target Process Name without .exe

make sure to keep the &H

after adding your address and process name you should be all set to compile your trainer and run it!

This was a very short and Simple Tutorial, i hope you guys Enjoyed it!