Trainer Maker Kit Tutorial

Hey guys, this time, I'm here with a tutorial.

I'm gonna show you how to make a trainer within Trainer Maker Kit 5.1

I will only be showing you how to add STATIC ADDRESSES a later tutorial will be about adding Pointers

Let's get into this
Create a New project Name it whatever You want

we want to start by Right Clicking the Trainer and Selecting Properties
here you can give your trainer window a name along with adding a maximize or minimize box

Now add a Button by going to the bar and Clicking the Far Left One
or Just Use insert

Once a button is added right click on it and Select Properties

inside properties, you can change the name and function of the button

now before we add ANY cheats you need the standard windows calculator ready to go

Go inside Cheat Engine and Find The Base Address (REAL ADDRESS)

For example, My Base address is "Doukutsu.exe+9E6CC"

Once you Have the address Put your Windows Calc into Hex Mode

Now Copy the Numbers from your address Example, Mine would be "9E6CC" into your calculator

Once you have the address in the calculator add 400000 to it

Example i would do "9E6CC + 400000"

the results from the calculator will be your REAL address

the REAL address is the one your gonna use with TMK

Now go back into TMK Right Click your button and Select "Write Memory Actions"
This Will Bring you to a window like this one

Click on Wiz, now this window will popup
These are the options for button actions
there's also "Type of value" Options
This should be Self-Explanatory
after adding your cheat through the "Wiz" you should see something like this
Now just Hit apply!

after adding everything needed now we need to pick the process we're targeting

Click on Build Settings and You'll End up Here

Choose your target from the menu Provided

Don't forget to fill in exe name that will the name of your generated .exe

Now your Trainer Should be All ready to go

If you want to do a bit of customizing then ill show you how

At the main window, there are Objects on the side

Double click cursor to open the cursor folder then Double Click "Default" to add a New One .cur File
Once you load your cursor hit apply

You can also Add SplashScreens To your Trainers, go over to SplashScreens and Double Click To open the folder then double Click "None" to add a SplashScreen

You can Also add a Custom Icon(.ICO) to your Trainer By Double Clicking the Icon Folder in the objects menu then double clicking Default to change

this tutorial Took wayyyy longer than expected

I hope everybody enjoyed the tutorial and I hope that I helped

you can Download Trainer Maker Kit 5.1 Here

You Can Also Download the English Translated Doukutsu Game here

Download My Keygens Here