Egg, inc. Modded Apk v1.2.1

What's up guys

I'm here releasing my Egg, inc. Modded Apk

this is NOT unity based so it wasn't a walk-in-the-park to hack it

it took massive time since I'm VERY new to hacking on Android (I use to be a iOS Hacker)

Let's Talk about the Egg, inc. Apk

- Unlimited Golden Eggs

i know it's only 1 feature, but there's not much to hack in such a simple game

You can find the Apk on the Modded Apks Page along with various other Modded Apks

You can check out the Tools Page if you wanna know what i use for Hacking/Reverse Engineering

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if you have a problem or there was an update please contact me on twitter @john_kittz