Beholder Trainer Update

What's up guys

I'm back this time I'm releasing an update

This update will be for my Beholder Trainer which i released a week or so ago

i will provide some information about the update

Update log:
- Added Stealth Mode
- Added Instant Action
- Fixed Money & Rep Points Problem

(if you guys want Inf Shop items added just tweet me @john_kittz)

1. if you're starting a new game, make sure to talk to your boss until asked to retrieve Cams from Desk
2. You Might have to deactivate then reactivate the instant action (just a tiny bug)

1. Download My Updated Beholder Trainer
2. Extract My Trainer and Place it on your desktop
3. Open Beholder then Open my Trainer
4. Once in-game press the corresponding hotkeys for the hack you want

if you experience ANY problems or bugs please Contact me on twitter @john_kittz

Thanks to Cheat The Game for the help with AOB's visit his amazing Cheating group Here