Beholder Trainer

What's up guys

I'm finally back with another trainer

this time the trainer is for beholder which is available on steam for sale now or you can download it from my Games Page free

before i get into the details of this trainer i wanna Thank Chris Fayte (Aka Cheat The Game) for helping me with multiple different trainers you can join his Facebook Group here

Now let's get into what this trainer does and some important notes

1. Inf Money
2. Inf Rep

1. Please Make sure to be in the world before activating ANY cheats
2. make sure to spend at least 30 seconds walking around or doing something
3. After activating the cheat click the store icon to start buying! (or go to the dealer)

you can download ANY of my trainers Here

If you have ANY problems with the trainer please contact me on twitter @john_kittz

if you wanna get into hacking yourself check out CheatEngine Forums, GuidedHacking, Cheat The Game Page