Beholder Update & My Trainer

What's Up guys

i just wanted to update everybody on Beholder Which received an update recently

The update includes ALOT so ill include the changelog below

i also wanna talk about the current state of my trainer after this update

so let's talk about this update & My Beholder Trainers

The Ministry of Propaganda reports: this week at an urgent cabinet meeting the Ministers reported on what had been accomplished:

1. The Ministry of Innovations:
EASY MODE A Less Difficult Mode is added.
Attention, Citizens! If you choose to play the new mode, you will have to start over!

2. The Ministry of Economy:
New State directives added;
The price for banned objects increased;
Reward for a characteristic now depends on the amount of provided information.

3. The Ministry of Development:
The variety of hobbies and inventory objects of tenants increased;
The generation principles of objects in apartments changed;
The evidences stay in a tenant's profile if the report you write is incorrect;

4. The Ministry of Bug Fixes:
When a banning directive is issued, the price for objects you already acquired will increase;
Carl moves if the account payment window is opened – now fixed;
Anna can commit suicide after her son goes abroad - now fixed. She will survive.
Anna's death cut-scene is played twice - now fixed;
The dialog with Martha about sweets pops up at the wrong moment - now fixed;
You don't receive a reward when you turn in pseudo Sarah - now fixed;
You talk to a student about the box when you don't have this box in the inventory - now fixed;
Police don't leave after the search, but stay and wait for a missing tenant - now fixed;
Character shapes are missing in some cut-scenes - now fixed;

5. The Ministry of Audio and Visual Issues:
Highlights of some objects have changed;
Some minor graphic glitches are fixed;
Sound effects are improved;

6. The Ministry of Linguistics:
Chinese localization is updated;

7. The Ministry of Self Admiration:
Credits section is updated;

Following the result of the meeting, Prime Minister was dismissed due to a “loss of trust”. The Minister of Agriculture was appointed acting Prime Minister.

as you can see they've done a TON of work on the game and added some things into it

now where does this leave my trainer?:
my trainer still 70% works even after this update it's already confirmed (By me) to be working the only broken right now is stealth mode i will be releasing an update soon

you can download the beholder trainers Here

Download The Update for Beholder Here

Download Beholder (Without Update) (Needed for Update install)

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if you have ANY problems with the trainer or discover ANY bugs please contact me on twitter @john_kittz