Goverment Elitist A Trainer For Beholder

What's Up guys

I'm here announcing a Perma Project i will be working on till game updates STOP

This Trainer Perma Project will be called Goverment Elitist

(Yes i know i spelled Government Wrong it was purposely)

the trainer is for ;Beholder; and will constantly be maintained by me

i wanna talk some future updates i have in mind and the CURRENT version of the Project

Ideas for future updates:
- GE Will check for the latest version if connected to the Internet
- a better looking GUI
- Hotkeys Changer
- Date Freezer
- Time Freezer
- Will Work on ALL versions of the game
- Get rid of darkness inside rooms
- Fast Walking Speed

if you have ideas of your own or just have a cheat in mind for GE please contact me on twitter @john_kitt

Download GE (Goverment Elitist)

Download Beholder On steam (Recommended SUPPORT THE DEVS)

Download Beholder (Needed for Update)

Download Beholder Update

Special Thanks, To:
- Cheat The Game (CTG)
- Jason Blount
- Ken Mcguinness
- Benjamin Clements

(Yes this was a short post sorry)

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