Playmaker v1.7.7 Cracked

What's up guys I'm back

I've been researching a few things in the last few days about Unity3D

i stumbled across 'Playmaker' which is the most amazing asset for unity EVER made

sadly this cost quite a bit of money which most starting devs don't have

so this is the "Cracked" version of playmaker Version 1.7.7 for Unity

Let's get into what you have to do and the requirements for playmaker

below you will find the requirements, and installation of playmaker along with a fix if said error happens

Minimum: Unity version 3.5.7
Recommended: Unity version 4.2 or above

Save the playmaker file anywhere on your harddrive

1. Launch Unity
2. Select the "Assets" tab
3. Select "Import Package"
4. Click "Custom Package"
5. Browse and locate the playmaker file where you saved it, select it, and click "Open"
6. Package will begin decompressing
7. The Import Package window will open, click "Import"

If you get an error that says: "There are inconsistent line endings in the '******.cs' script.
Some are Mac OS X (UNIX) and some are Windows."  This is easily fixed.

Simply open the .cs file mentioned in the error (by double clicking on the console warning) and opening it
with Monodevelop. Once the file is open, simply type "// blank" (without the quotes) anywhere in the script and
click save. A popup will open asking if you want to "Convert" or not, click convert, and save. You can then erase
the "// blank" you added and click save again, and exit out of Monodevelop.  The error should be gone.

Download Playmaker on the Cracks Page

Here are some things to help you with playmaker:


Plamaker Manual:

Playmaker Wiki:

if you have ANY problems with this please contact me on twitter @john_kittz

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