SkyHill Modded dll v1.1.19

What's up guys

I'm back with another Mod but this time its for a PC game called "SkyHill"

this is a modded dll for the game if you don't know what to do with the dll just go below to find what to do with it

This is for v1.1.19 of Skyhill i have it purchased from GOG which i don't think it matters where its been purchased from

Let's get into what to do with this dll, and what features the dll has

1.Infinite Health
2.Infinite Food

What to do:
1.Download Modded Dll
2.Extract The dll
3.Navigate to your skyhill folder, and go to SkyHill_Data>Managed
4.Move or Copy the modded dll over to your managed folder, and replace the original file
5.Open the game and ENJOY

if you have ANY problems with this dll/mod please contact me on twitter @john_kittz