Technical Difficulties and Inactivity

What's up guys

I'm here explaining my inactivity

I will also try to estimate the time I will be back making trainers

If you want to know just continue reading

Recently I've been inactive on everything from my site to YouTube

I haven't been able to make trainers or update them

I've been having serious technical difficulties with my wifi

I'm really hoping to resolve everything VERY soon

There's no promises though since this is mainly a money problem

Im expecting to be back by the end of the year if not sooner (hopefully sooner)

If ANY of my trainers need a update please contact me on Twitter @john_kittz so I can update them ASAP once I'm back

If you want to help me get back up on my feet than you can Donate to my Paypal or Become a Patreon this will help me HUGLY and I will be so grateful for anything I receive

I love you guys and I hope to be back doing what I love soon

In the mean time i will be doing GamePlays of different iOS mobile games

First on the list:
- Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

If you want to see a specific game just ask me through Twitter

I'll see you guys later, and I hope I'm back soon