Ads.....Why Ads?

I wanna talk about the Ads that are on my site including the popunders.

 yes I know these are quite annoying at times (I get annoyed time to time as well when visiting other sites), but the ads and popunders are only here because ALL my trainers/Mod Apks are completely FREE, which means I make no money from them, so to help with keeping the domain and keep getting games these ads and popunders is all I have.

 I do have a PayPal if you would like to support me (the more supporters the fewer ads that will be on the site).

I want to keep my trainers/mod Apks FREE for everybody.

The last thing I wanna do is charge somebody for a cheat, since I look at cheating as a hobby not as a job.

I really hope this clears up why ads are on my site, and I hope you continue to download my cheats. Much Love and I'll see you guys on the next Trainer release.


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