Stop Requesting Online Trainers

I wanna start this off by saying, I DO NOT HACK ONLINE GAMES ANYMORE, nobody does.

Games like Order And Chaos, Gods Of Rome, are out of the question for me.

I will not do your Trainer request if the game is online.

The reason behind everybody staying away from online games is because most companies will take legal action against you, suing you or making you take down your website.

The most recent example of this is which is the main site/Forum for CheatEngine, the site owner DarkByte got contacted by lawyers of a well known gaming company, which led to taking down most of its content, they even went offline for over a week.

Hacking Online Games is a huge risk, even when we make a Trainer for the offline portion of the game it still might bite us in the ass due to some games using the same instructions for both online and offline.

Even hacking offline games is a risk when making trainers and distributing them.

Now with all that being said please refrain from sending anymore requests for Order and chaos, and gods of Rome because I will not do them.

This is for my own safety.