How I Started

This is the story of my hacking career, how I came to be.

Before I discovered cheatengine and learned how to make trainers, I was a downloader instead of a maker.

After getting my first iPhone, my curiosity peaked about jailbreaking, how you completely control your device.

I ended up jailbreaking my first iPhone in 2013, shortly after jailbreaking I eventually bricked it.

In 2014 I got a brand new iPhone, which got jailbroken a week after being purchased.

Months later after getting my second iPhone, i discovered a forum named the forum was filled with different tutorials, and hacks for iPhones (Jailbroken and Non-Jailbroken).

After signing up I went straight to the "Tweaks" section to find some hacks.

After maybe a month of playing with other people's hacks, I decided I wanted to learn how to make these "tweaks" or "Patchers".

So I took Off towards the tutorials section of the forum, which was absolutely filled with information.

Like anybody else I started small, hacking with GameGem and GameGuardian (even bought a legitimate copy of GG).

Once I learned how to manually hack games I was ready to start making .debs for everybody, but it wasn't that easy.

Making .debs requires a lot of coding knowledge, coding knowledge which I didn't have at that moment.

This is where I did some hardcore investigating, I asked admins, mods, members, cheaters, novices, anybody I could to get information about making patchers/tweaks.

After 2 months of researching, I finally got enough information to code a basic patcher for a game.

After coding my very first patcher and releasing it on I couldn't stop, I hacked game, after game, after game with no breaks.

A couple months after I started releasing patchers, I got a message from DiDA (the owner of, saying he wanted me to become a novice cheater (which is a rank below "Cheater"), I gladly accepted and became a novice.

A week after becoming a novice, iOSGods Decided to start doing "Cheater of the month", Which would highlight a Cheater/Novice, they also would give the winner $20 PayPal.

The way you got cheater of the month was purely based off how many tweaks you have released within that month.

After the announcement, I went crazy, pushing out tweaks left and right, at the end of the month I damn near released 40 tweaks in total for that month.

I ended up being named iOSGods First Cheater of the month (with Zahir coming in second with 28), this boosted my confidence up a hell of a lot.

After winning I slowed down a lot on creating tweaks, i put almost everything I had into the Cheater of the month.

After a year of making tweaks, my iPhone finally bricked, causing me to throw everything down the drain, I made a huge name for myself, i had fans, a repo, a site.

All that went bye-bye in seconds, I had to close my repo, and my site, along with giving up my rank as novice (I was weeks away from becoming a legitimate Cheater).

After almost the entire year with no jailbreak, I was dying inside, I loved making tweaks so much, it was my hobby that was hard as hell to give up.

When Christmas rolled around, my dad got me a HP laptop (The one I use today) it's not the best, but it's not the worst, I have 4GB of ram, which is enough for me.

A week after getting my laptop, I downloaded "South Park: Stick Of Truth" from NOSTEAM, after playing it a little bit I decided I wanted to have a hack for it, so I searched for one.

That's when I found, a trainer creator that has a decent forum, I downloaded my very first Trainer from him.

I was really interested in what he used to create this Trainer, so of course I started researching, that's when Popped up, the official site/forum of Cheatengine.

I quickly registered without hesitation, bolting towards the tutorial section and Cheat Table section.

I found out some Lua coding, and how to generate a Trainer but when it came to actually searching for values I came to a dead stop, I found absolutely no help, at this time I had a friend which was also looking for tutorials.

After finding nothing on the forums, it lead me to searching YouTube, that's when I found Stephen Chapman (aka - SneakyMofo) a cheatengine teacher.

I started at the beginning of his playlist on cheatengine all the way to the end, I honestly still had a hard time understanding.

A few days later my friend messaged me, telling me about this channel he found that had some really detailed cheatengine tutorials.

Of course I jumped all over it, telling him to send a link ASAP, he sent me the link to one of the videos in his playlists.

This certain video was about "Searching Value - Cheatengine basics", and the uploader was Cheat The Game.

Once I finished with the first video I jumped all over the rest, after a week I was successfully finding pointers.

Then I came to a game which didn't have Any pointers, I was completely stumped due to my lack of experience I didn't know there was other ways of making trainers.

I kept looking through CTG playlists, finding all types of cheatengine videos, I finally stumbled across the video I was looking for, a video about Auto-Assembly.

I quickly pressed play and watched the entire video 5 times just to understand it, after sometime thinking and watching I finally got the hang of it.

I successfully made 3 scripts for my game, using nothing but Auto-Assembly, but again I was dead stopped due to not knowing how to make a trainer and distribute it as a .exe, again I found myself searching the forums and sites looking for help.

After searching the forums for over an hour, I found a video showing how to make a cheatengine Generated trainer.

I watched it a few times, trying to get it to stick, then it finally clicked.

I went ahead and started on my very first Trainer, which was for "Judge Dredd vs Zombies" a windows store game.

After countless times messing up, and restarting I finally created my very first trainer, i released it right away on the CheatEngine Forums I also released the Cheat Table for it some weeks later.

That's where everything started, how I came to be, how I started, and it's only just the beginning.