Ascensor Beta - Overview

Everybody loves money and games (especially money) well there's a new app that's in BETA testing which will let you play a game and make $5 every time you win a match, it's called Ascensor
(which means Elevator in Spanish). I've been playing this game since the BETA started and I gotta say it has HUGE potential to become one of the BEST apps for making small money. The idea is simple, if you're the last player on the lowest floor at the end of the hour you win, every move takes away AP (Action Points) which resets at the end of each match, you can also buy AP as IAP inside the game, they also offer free ways of earning AP, like watching videos, and Sharing on Facebook. They payout through PayPal (there is a 0.54 fee for US players not sure if everybody gets a fee as of yet), it usually takes a minimum of 24 hours for a payout to be sent. sadly though there's no date on the release of the app from the developers. I've won over 10 times since they started paying the BETA testers, originally it was $10 every win (before they started paying out) but they changed it recently due to a large amount of people winning back to back. Yes, I will provide payment proof from Ascensor, so far the company/Developers who made this game is 10000% legitimate when it comes to paying out. You can only signup using Facebook for right now I'm not sure if they will add other Ways of signing up in the future, you also have to manually input your PayPal email EVERYTIME you win a match which is kinda tedious. All Payment Proof will be at the end of the post. Ascensor is probably the first REAL pay to win real money game which isn't tedious and requires many, MANY steps to actually obtain the money. I'm planning on releasing tips and tricks for this game once it officially releases on the AppStore. The user interface for the game is amazing and SUPER simplistic so ANYBODY can figure it out within 1 minute of actually playing. The developers aren't very responsive though I haven't received any replies since I emailed them 2 weeks ago. The players you meet are usually pretty nice besides the one player who's completely annoying constantly typing "leave" into the chat. I will be leaving screenshots of the game at the end of the posts along with the payment proof. I will be listing the Good, The bad for this game.

- Easy Money
- Fast Matches
- Simple gameplay
- Decent win prize
- Has a floor chat
- Nice Players (Sometimes)
- Amazing User Interface
- Free Money (this is always good)
- AP is easy to "farm" without the ads or IAP
- No Minimum Payout/Wallet System (you get sent the money right after winning)

- Takes 24 hours or more getting payments
- There's a small fee of 54 cent for us winners
- Doesn't support any other payout method other than PayPal
- Video ads for AP are hardly available
- No report system (so far)
- No banning system (so far)
- Developers are not active with emails/support
- IAP for Action Points are high priced (minimum IAP is $1.99 which gives you Hardly any AP)
- Only supports Facebook login

That's my list of the good, and the Bad for this money making game, I could keep going but to save everybody's time I stopped at ten. If you wanna play this game sadly you'll have to wait until the actual release into the AppStore because the BETA closed today on BetaFamily, they aren't accepting anymore testers as of right now. I'm not sure if this game will release for android, but hopefully it will so everybody can have a chance at making some extra money. This is probably the ONLY game which actually pays you for winning, and the only money making game which doesn't take FOREVER to actually cash-out, also unlike other games there's no wallet system so you cash-out as soon as you win. The game is worth downloading, and actually playing usually all you have todo is pick a low floor then stick to it no matter how many people try to stay and run you off, you can easily just exit the app after finding a floor and just wait patiently for the end of the match which only lasts 1 hour, I don't suggest waiting till the last second to move since the closer the match is to being over the more AP you have to spend to move. The game surprisingly isn't littered with ads like most "play to win money" games, the only ads that I've noticed is the ones available for getting AP by watching them. The only thing that really annoys me about this game is you have to manually input your PayPal email each and every time you win, there is no payment details tab on the other hand it saves people who has there PayPal linked to a different email that isn't linked with there Facebook, it seems tedious to manually input your email every win when they could just add a "payment Details" tab so people can save there PayPal email which would completely automate the process of claiming your prize. I REALLY REALLY enjoy this game, and I love the fact you can make some extra money playing as well I highly recommend you download this game as soon as it hits the AppStore which of course I will be covering within a totally separate post. I hope everybody enjoyed reading this post, and I hope you'll download this game once it drops in the AppStore (which could be anytime). If you have ANY questions or want to know anything else about this game please email with your questions I will reply within 24 hours with some kind of answer, remember I AM NOT THE DEV FOR THIS GAME so I cannot fix bugs or help with other problems with the game I'm only answering basic questions that I have the power to answer.

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