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Most of the people I know love two things, Lifeline Game Series, and The Hangover Movies. Well there's a brand new game in beta that is describe as a "Hangover crossed with Lifeline", I got accepted into the beta and wasted no time testing it out.
The very first thing I noticed was the amazing art for the episodes, the second thing I noticed was how good they made this game feel like you're in the hangover. The game is called "Hey, Wingman" where you wake up after a crazy night in Vegas not remembering what happened the night before. The amazing storyline is just the beginning, the game is absolutely hilarious with far out there corny puns and jokes that make you burst out laughing just because of how corny it is. The only thing that strikes me as "lifeline related" is the way you talk to your friends and other people through text other than that this game is completely unique an compelling. I will tell you a small bit of the plot (SPOILERS) at probably mid post or at the very end, I will try not to reveal to much. The game is based around multiple choices, but most of the wrong choices end up giving you a automatic game over instead of a different outcome. The developers are somewhat active and supportive, they usually respond within 2 days of sending feedback. A lot of people are probably thinking "it's just a text-based game" but you people are wrong it's much much more than that, it's having a crazy night with your boys, then waking up the morning after in a random location wondering "what happened last night?" This will be one of the very few games I will keep on my phone at all times just for the fact it crosses 2 amazing ideas into one. I recommend keeping an eye out for the release of this game, it will be 100% worth the download. I only recommend downloading this IF you like the lifeline style games (like I do).

The Plot:
The main plot in this game is that you play as yourself after a night of drinking and blacking out, when waking up you don't remember where you are and how you got there, you and your friends have to piece together what happened the night before, but not only did you black out, you ruined one of your best friends wedding ring by freezing it which cause it to break, so you're on a mission to save your best friends wedding while trying to piece together your drunken night.

I absolutely love the plot, I love the fact you play as YOURSELF instead of a randomly named protagonist. Every person you meet is a unique character that you will LOVE spending time talking to them. You as the person playing gets to paint a scene around you while playing since the NPC's will ask "where are you?" And you having options like "in a white room", "outside in the woods" etc. the game is extremely put together for Beta with only a few minor text mistakes the game seems to be almost launch ready. Just because this game is text-based doesn't mean that it's easy to make, text-based game are actually super hard to create since you have to think of a WHOLE story with multiple outcomes and choices. These kinda games always remind me of a TellTale series which are some of the best decision making games Ive played, although sometimes it feels like no matter what you pick it's the same outcome the games are still amazing. Sadly they aren't inviting anymore beta testers as of right now, they might reopen the beta soon due to more updates coming to the game. There's not much more to say since the game is pretty self explanatory, and text based. I hope everybody enjoyed this small little post about "Hey, Wingman".

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