Fix Bully Crashing on iOS Devices

Fix Bully crash

Today I wanna talk about bully, the classic game from rockstar which recently released for mobile in celebration of 10 years. Bully Anniversary Edition costs $6.99 on the apple AppStore and Google Play, the game includes everything from the Scholarship Edition and then some but everything isn't perfect most players report crashing after finishing a go-kart race or after long periods of playing sometimes these crashes will prevent you from advancing in the game.
I experienced the crashing a week after purchasing the game, it kept crashing on the mission "Busting In part 1" and the 3rd go-kart street race which actually prevented from finishing the game, thankfully I found a weird fix to it. I'm not gonna leave everybody in the dark though I wanna provide a list of all the available options to fix the gamebreaking crashing if it does happen to you.

1. Sign into your SocialClub Account (this is what fixed mine)
2. Reboot your phone
3. Re-install the game
4. Factory reset your phone
5. Leave the game alone for 2 - 4 days

How to "backup" your saves:
1. Go to your save location in Bully
2. Save the game
3. Press "iCloud save slot" right after saving
4. DONE!

Rockstar doesn't seem to really care about a quick update to fix these crashes which sucks horribly because the game is so amazing. I do recommend buying it even though it does crash there's many ways around it and you won't regret it, but I could be wrong and rockstar could be working on a update as we speak. Most people have been hoping for a Bully 2 since the games release back in 2006, rockstar said themselves a squeal is a good possibility but that was years ago, recently Gaminformer's website had a glitch that accidentally listed "Bully 2: Kevin's Back Jack" that got a large amount of people excited for E3 sadly rockstar came out soon after on twitter and said that the glitch was just that a simple data glitch which displayed the wrong title. It's kinda weird though even if it was a data glitch why is the title even in there database to begin with, the title "Bully 2: Kevin's back jack" sounds legitimate to me. I feel like Gaminformer Messed up, and revealed a title early which pushed back the reveal of bully 2, some other people are saying it's a small joke that Gaminformer Employees are doing which isn't believable since Gaminformer is a legitimate company that most likely monitors there database. Okay enough talking about bully 2. I'm currently writing a "Guides and Tips for Bully" post that should be up pretty damn soon. I know this post was on the short side, I'm sorry about that. I hope this helped you fix those pesky crashes so you can finally enjoy Bully.

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