GIBZ Trainer - Update 1

What's up guys

I'm here announcing my GIBZ Trainer which I updated to work for the latest version of the game

This is only update number 1 for my GIBZ Trainer

Below you will find  IMPORTANT notes, the download for the trainer, features, and some more information about the game

About The Game:
Shoot, slice and surf on zombies by yourself or with friends. Fight overwhelming amounts of zombies and other monsters summoned by an evil wizard (ooOooOOOo spooky) in an early 1900s London.
* Gibs Everywhere!
* Co-op with up to 4 players (online or local)
* Overworld Map: Wander around the overworld map and get into random encounters
(just want to get somewhere? buy Zombie Repellent!)
* Mini-games: Mini-games appear on the overworld map. Try Zombie Surfing, Gatling Gun Defence, Treasure Digging or Mayhem!
* Bosses: Fight multiple monstrous zombie bosses
* Perks: Pick up coins and spend them on perks to increase weapon effectiveness, movement speed and the like
* Supa Weapons: Find strong power-up weapons in crates or earn them with killstreaks (if you have the killstreak perk)
* Character Customisation: Multiple heads and hair colours to choose from as well as tintable shirts
* Hats!: Find hats and face wear (that give you slight buffs) on the heads of zombies or in random encounters (complete challenges to unlock special hats)

Minimum System Requirements:
* Memory: 2 GB RAM
* Storage: 150 MB available space

Developer of the game:
- Torrunt

- Infinite Coins
- Infinite Ammo

There is also 2 readme's inside the .rar with the Trainer

Disclaimer: Trainer is made with Cheatengine, Therefore it will give a false positive when scanned with a anti-virus

If you have ANY problems with these trainers or any of the Links please email:

Game Links:
- Purchase And Download GIBZ (Steam - $7.99)
- Download GIBZ (Skidrow - FREE)

Trainer Link:
- Download GIBZ Trainer - Update 1

Previous Trainer:
- Download Bully Trainer

- Download MegaDownloader

Special Thanks:
- Cheat The Game (CTG)
- Ken Mcguinness
- GuidedHacking (GH)
- Stephen Chapman
- Jason Blount

Donation Links:
- Donation Page

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