Conspiracy: Nibiru

Today I want to talk about Nibiru, which has been a conspiracy since 1995 when it was first started by a person named Nancy Lieder founder of the website ZetaTalk. Nancy said she was a Contactee that was able to receive messages from extraterrestrials that reside in the ZetaReticuli Star through an implant inside her brain. She said she was chosen to warn humanity of an Object which would pass through our solar system in 2003 (Later this date will constantly change), forcing a physical pole shift destroying most of humanity. So ever since Nancy created the conspiracy doomsday believers picked it up and it became highly correlated to the 2012 end times predictions. The Nibiru Date changes as disaster strikes in the world. Recently the conspiracy came back up due to the "Planet 9" Theory by scientist which say there could be another planet with a HUGE orbit around the sun not only does it have a HUGE orbit, but it's also 10x the size of earth, Scientists have also come and said they found a "Star system" which passes by the earth every certain amount of years, the finding of the star system counts as proof for Nibiru believers. This conspiracy is clearly just that, nothing but assumptions without evidence or proof the simple truth is; if a planet of that size, even came close to earth we would know, not only by seeing the planet, but also the earth's orbit would be highly effected along with the other planets and satellites. This is nothing but a scare tactic used by people who want monetary gain from gullible people. Links will be below if you want to read about any of this. I can't talk much more about this since the entire thing is utter nonsense, plus the supporters of this Conspiracy have no evidence to actually attempt to debunk. Have a good day everybody and remember stay skeptical. This will be a start of a series of blog post called "Conspiracy" where I talk about different conspiracies. I hope you enjoy it.


Planet 9/Planet X:

Star system: