Top 4 Space Games - Android

What's up guys. Today I want to tell you about the top 4 Space Games Available on Google Play. This Will be Space Flight Simulators and Space Simulators In General. I could only find 4 Space Oriented Games on the market worth actually playing.

1. Spaceflight Simulator (FREE)

Spaceflight Simulator is an amazing game which allows you to build rockets, launch them, and land on different planets. The Developer of the game is super active and is currently working on a HUGE update for the game which will make it so much better. The game also has mod support for android which is rare in android games in general. The interface is super friendly and the game itself is pretty easy to get a hang of. The downside of this game is the IAP, which does impact Gameplay not greatly but enough for me to mention it. There aren't very many mods as of yet.

Game Link:

2. SimpleRockets  (PAID)
SimpleRockets is a game highly inspired by KSP (Kerbal Space Program). This game goes a bit more in depth by allowing you to order your Stages for the rocket. The interface isn't has good as the first ones, especially when controlling the rockets. The game also has optional IAP, which is skins for your rockets they only cost only a $1 each and don't impact Gameplay at all. This game also supports mods for android platform not many mods are available as of right now, but the scene is catching back up sense the developer is working on SR2.

Game Link:

3. Pocket Universe 3D (PAID)
Pocket Universe 3D is a universe simulator, which resembles Universe Sandbox. It allows you to make your very own solar system, you can destroy planets, test orbits, or create life if you can sustain habitable conditions not only can you create life but you can also eradicate it. The interface isn't bad, but the controls get kind of annoying at times when trying to navigate around. The game has a free and paid version of it the free version is greatly limited, so I recommend the paid version.

Game Link:

4. Space Agency (FREE)
Space Agency Resembles the first pick. Slightly better graphics with a slightly better interface. This game also is a lot easier compared to the others. The controls for the rockets are amazing, so is the RCS control. This game also has missions to try and complete. The is just all around great if you love space exploration like me.

Game Link:

I hope you enjoyed my list. I'm sorry about my absence from the site recently. I'm hoping to start posting more articles or lists like this. I didn't go super in depth because I simply don't have the time anymore with classes starting back.

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