Best F2P Friendly MMO On Android

Hey what's up guys. Today is gonna be all about the best f2p friendly mmo for android which is 3D MMO villagers and heroes. The game is the best f2p friendly mmo on Google play that I could find. I'll be listing 10 pros and cons about the game an then I'll explain why it's the most f2p friendly mmo available.

 1. Super helpful Community
 2. Developers listen to the community
 3. Developers are still adding content to the game with the latest coming the 24th
 4. A village system which allows guilds or other players to live side by side along with village goals which every villager contributes too.
 5. Farming. Raising animals, growing plants are a huge part of this game since doing these things will make you gold in the long run.
 6. Works smoothly on mobile data
 7. Guilds, Raids (coming 24th)
 8. Auction house which also allows the selling of premium currency bags
 9. Free Mount by just completing the main quests
10. HUGE areas. The areas you explore get bigger and bigger as you level.

 1. A LOT of fetch quests and "go kill that" quests
 2. No way to earn premium currency "Crowns" in game without paying
 3. Teleportation cost
 4. Lack of spells, abilities for certain classes
 5. Lack of classes
 6. Somewhat clunky UI
 7. Locked character slots (buy with crowns)
 8. Lack of variety when it comes to armours
 9. Lack of variety when it comes to weapons
10. Gold is hard to grind for.

Some of the stuff listed in con is being changed the 24th of this month. The reason this game is the best f2p mmo is because the only "paywall" is the Teleportation. They have a 8 dollars a month subscription which makes Teleportation free, and a bonus to exp which doesn't effect much. This game doesn't shove ads into your face with fake deals. This game is sadly underrated and I hope anybody reading this gives it a try.

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