Comparing: Hearthstone and Elder Scrolls Legends

Hey what's up guys. It's been a long time since I've posted anything, but I'm back for the time being to talk about my two favorite card games which are elder scrolls legends and Hearthstone. I wanna compare the two games and take a look at both from a F2P players point-of-view I'll also be reviewing the games as a whole. I'll mention 6 pros and cons of each.

TESL Pros:
 1. Super generous daily quests and daily login rewards
 2. Soul gems (which are used to craft cards) are easy to earn as TESL allows you to grind the practice AI.
 3. The community (while smaller) is awesome and super helpful
 4. Gold is SUPER easy to earn. In TESL you can get a maximum of 50 gold every 3 wins.
 5. It has a rune system which requires more strategy and planning around face attacks because when a rune breaks they draw a card. If that card has prophecy they can play it right away for free.
 6. Pre-made Decks. TESL sells pre-made decks which include the cards. 500 to 1k gold can get you a super good pre-made deck worthy of actually climbing ladder (at least I did good with ancano)

TESL Cons:
 1. The graphics aren't as colorful and vibrant as hearthstone. They're actually quite bland even for elder scrolls.
 2. Card animations aren't really a thing.
 3. The "solo adventure" costs $40 in total or 2k gold
 4. Since the community is small the amount of streamers and youtubers playing it are slim to none.
 5. Deck pasting isn't a thing so you have to manually build decks from tabbing an going back am fourth from app to app.
 6. The graphics might be bland, but this thing eats battery like crazy compared to hearthstone.

Hearthstone Pros:
 1. Colorful, easy to look at graphics
 2. It has a FREE solo mode which includes some dungeon runs and a puzzle lab. Some other adventures are priced at 19.99 on the blizzard shop.
 3. The game has different classes which all play differently and change differently according to the new expansions meta.
 4. All classes have a default hero and a alternative hero. Some classes even have multiple alt heroes.
 5. The card animations are incredibly nice.
 6. Golden hero portraits. If you win 500 games with a certain class in hearthstone you get a golden portrait around your hero an hero power. Which look absolutely amazing.

Hearthstone Cons:
 1. SUPER greedy with gold (except daily quests. They give an alright amount)
 2. SUPER greedy with Arcane Dust (this is the stuff you use to craft cards)
 3. Somewhat toxic community (probably due to the game being so large in player base).
 4. It's hugely Pay-2-win as a free player I find myself grinding way harder than I have too on TESL.
 5. It's based widely on luck and if RNG will favor you.
 6. Deck building is super limited due to OP net decks running rampant since HS has a Paste deck code feature.

More depth will be coming soon. I wanna do a separate article each game that way I can talk about each one separately with way more depth. I hope you enjoyed the read.

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