Simcity Deluxe Apk 1.2.2

Hey what's up guys. Today I have something super cool. I recently found out EA launched a full fledged PAID mobile edition of SimCity on both ios and android (Phone/Tablets), titled; SimCity deluxe. Once I found this out I went on a huge search, and I found it! Be warned though, this game does not work on all phones since EA pulled it awfully fast after launch to push the buildit free-to-play simcity, however I can confirm this works on a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge on android 4. The apk I'm providing is the non-hd version. if the tablet/phone HD version is wanted then I'll search for that too. Simcity deluxe for mobile is a cross between simcity 2000 and simcity 3000 taking a little bit of something from each game and combing it into a lovely mobile package that should've never been pulled. The people that bought the game before it was pulled could download it from their purchase history until EA decided to change the required android version (on the store compatibility list) for the game to a obsolete version which wasn't found on most phones successfully preventing the people who paid from downloading the game again through purchase history. Luckily a copy of the apk got released after the pull so everybody can enjoy it!

Screenshots, download links, description and the Virustotal scan is below.



SimCity Deluxe – You mayor of the city – build factories, houses, business centers and much more. You will be faced with various difficulties, in the form of earthquakes, tornadoes and other cataclysms, including drunken workers of nuclear power plants.