Pocket City Review

Hey, what's up guys. I wanna talk about pocket city, a paid mobile city builder for android and ios. Developed and published by CodeBrew Games. I'll be reviewing the android paid version since that is my primary OS and I recently picked it up when searching for a simcity type game.

Pocket city is a simple city builder game that reminds me of SimCity. It's only 3.99 full price on Google play or 1.99 during a sale (usually) or you could also pick up the "free version" which lacks some features of the paid one (sandbox being most notable) and has ads.

The game has a really nice leveling system with each level unlocking more buildings/events or giving some kinda prize like cash, or exp. Exp is earned from quests, or constructing more buildings and roads. Sadly after hitting a certain level the quests stop and there's really nothing else to do afterwards, but start over an build again.

There's also Disasters like; Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, etc. These can happen randomly (if you have it toggled on) or you can set them off yourself. The Disasters add a good challenge to the game.

Events. The events are parties, rocket launches, and other shannigans like that. These boost growth and happiness of the citizens. Each event has a cooldown attached so it is not possible to spam them. The events tab is also where you find the Disasters to unleash.

Sandbox mode is where the fun is at. In Sandbox mode you get infinite money so you can build however you like without worrying about going bankrupt. All buildings, Disasters, and events are unlocked and the levels are gone so you can just go crazy.

Portrait mode. Awesomely enough this game can be played in both landscape and portrait. Portrait mode is usually NEVER included within city builders.

City sharing. This game has the ability to share your city with other players so if you build a masterpiece and want others to see it you can just give them your CityID and they can hop into it.

Difficulties. The game has 3 difficulties ranging from casual to expert. Hard and expert mode makes it harder for you to maintain the city and earn money while keeping everybody happy. Casual is all about sitting back and relaxing.

Building style/look variety is lacking horribly. This makes every town look the same, and kinda hampers the expiernce when replaying.

There's a money cap. You can increase the money cap by placing banks. I don't like nor hate this feature. The only downside is being forced to build the banks which could mess up the look of your city.

No PowerLines, or Pipes. This might not seem big, but this takes away alot of depth from the game. Right now all you do is plop a power station near a road and it covers a certain radius, the same goes for the water stations.

No Terraforming. There's currently no way to change the landscape in the game which is understandable considering the layout but this still hampers depth, and creativity when it comes to building.

Some Screenshots:

In short, I think this game is well worth the price especially if you want a premium simcity mobile type game. The developer is really active an currently planning on maintaining the game with updates and content. They are also working on a "Space colony builder" that I can't wait to get my hands on!

Check out Pocket City (paid) on Google play

Check out Pocket City (Free) on Google play

Check out The Pocket City Reddit

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