TerraGenesis Review

Hey, what's up guys. Today I wanna talk about TerraGenesis, a free-to-play game centered around terraforming planets to make them habitable using actual NASA science and data. The game is developed by edgeworks entertainment a indie company which started as one guy, but now has 6 - 8 people in total which collectively work on TerraGenesis. They've recently released update 5.0 which is the biggest update for the game to date. The actual log from GooglePlay is down below so you can see what they added yourself.

Update 5.0 Log:
  - Historical Earths: Seven new playable worlds - featuring a new unique storyline.
  - Natives: Coexist with or conquer alien species.
  - Worldkillers: Protect your planet from unexpected threats.
  - Improved Faction Identities: More faction detail and lore.
  - Redesigned Graphics Engine: Experience the universe in breathtaking detail.
  - We’ve also made a ton of improvements including cloud saving, and bug fixes.

The original man behind development is super active on reddit engaging with fans and taking suggestions on what could go into the next updates. He said he wants to expand the game as much as possible even wanting to eventually have a way for you to view your planet closer with more detail. The development for this game is far from being over which is always good to hear for a free-to-play title. They also want to eventually make another game, but only when they've grown enough to do so, for right now the main focus is terragenesis and how they can make it the best it can be which is a good mindset for these developers. I expect even bigger updates in the future and even more things to do.

I'll be listing 7 things I think are good and bad along with telling you if I think the season pass is worth its price. I played on 2 different devices, one being a samsung galaxy s7 edge and the other a samsung galaxy amp prime 3. I wanna tell you before starting, that this game has some weird permissions an a weird privacy policy for a mobile game. Just a heads up for everybody before downloading it (people have also reported losing progress due to the new 5.0 update which the developer said they are fixing).

  - Uses actual NASA data/science
  - crazy amount of depth. Oxygen, pressure, water, population, species, and more to manage an look after.
  - Different factions. There's 4 different factions with their own special endgames, and advantages. The factions also come with disadvantages.
  - You can transfer GP (premium currency) you've BOUGHT to other planets/savegames.
  - ads aren't everywhere. The game is free-to-play, but ads aren't push into your face while playing. You watch ads for bonuses like; 200% mining boost for 1 hour.
  - the planet visually changes. The planet as you change it and as it becomes more habitable will change appearance to a more earthlike planet.
  - Difficulties. The game has 3 difficulties; Beginner, Normal, Expert. This means almost anybody interested enough can figure the game out. The game can be intimidating at first with everything you gotta manage, but it does turn into something wonderful once you nail the mechanics down.

  - no graphics settings. The game struggles to run on my galaxy amp prime 3 which could be fixed with a simple graphic setting reducing the details on the planets.
  - cloud saving. Cloud saving requires a facebook account which absolutely sucks.
  - Tutorial sucks. The tutorial leaves you in a bad place money wise because they make you build a colony before being financially stable.
  - super slow. This game is SUPER slow when progressing so expect to leave the game for a day or even 3 just to get some financial gain going before even thinking about terraforming or colonies.
  - messing with your clock will destroy everything. If you mess with your clock to push forward time an event will trigger called "The Time Traveler event" which will set your planets pressure to 6 million.
  - mining is random. The materials on the planets are all randomized so when you sit down an outpost an establish a mine you might not even get anything good in that area which results in money lose.
  - Ads for GP are pathetic. You only get 1 - 15 GP for watching the rare 30 second ads which reward it. I honestly think this is where the greed of the dev shines the most.

Season Pass:
The season pass includes all planets (including any future planets released and the random planet generator). Right now there's a total of 45 planets that you can terraform with more supposedly coming later. I do highly enjoy this game, but I would only recommend the season pass to people who like science based games with a challenge like me because of how much it is for a mobile game. The season pass is priced @19.99 with a 50% discount. (I do not have the original price of the season pass only the discounted price due to the sell being enabled when I purchased it). The season pass is FOREVER. It does not expire and it is not monthly. It's a one time purchase (I have to clarify due to some people thinking the season pass expires or is monthly).

List of Planets (as of may 21, 2019):
  - Mars
  - Moon
  - Earth
  - Venus
  - Mercury
  - Callisto
  - Ganymede
  - Europa
  - lo
  - Lapetus
  - Titan
  - Rhea
  - Dione
  - Tethys
  - Oberon
  - Titania
  - Umbriel
  - Ariel
  - Miranda
  - Triton
  - Sedna (Dwarf Planet)
  - Eris (Dwarf Planet)
  - Makemake (Dwarf Planet)
  - Charon (Dwarf Planet)
  - Pluto (Dwarf Planet)
  - Ceres (Dwarf Planet)
  - Aranyani (Trappist-1)
  - Ostara (Trappist-1)
  - Asintmah (Trappist-1)
  - Ruaumoko (Trappist-1)
  - Huanca (Trappist-1)
  - Aja (Trappist-1)
  - Damu (Trappist-1)
  - Ultima (Historical Earth)
  - Chibania (Historical Earth)
  - Dania (Historical Earth)
  - Cretacea (Historical Earth)
  - Cambria (Historical Earth)
  - Rodinia (Historical Earth)
  - Vaalbara (Historical Earth)
  - Boreas (Fictional Planet)
  - Ragnarok (Fictional Planet)
  - Lethe (Fictional Planet)
  - Pontus (Fictional Planet)
  - Bacchus (Fictional Planet)


Even if you don't get the season pass it's still worth a try, who knows you might actually enjoy it when you thought you wouldn't. I hope you enjoyed my little word scramble of today. I want to come back to this game after the next major update to review what's been added. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. We shall see.

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