TheoTown Review

Hey, what's up guys. I wanna talk about TheoTown a simcity like free-to-play building game. This game is more in depth than Pocket City which a paid city builder. TheoTown unlike pocket city has pixelated graphics which seriously reminds me of the old simcity dos game. I'll be listing some good things and bad things about the game below.

The good:
  - the graphics. I love pixel graphics and theotown gets it right on so many levels
  - powerlines and pipelines. Theotown makes you put down powerlines to supply power and pipes to supply water.
  - disasters. Theotown like pocket city has disasters which can hit your city randomly or you can set them off yourself.
  - mods. Theotown unlike most games on android has mods.
  - playable offline. Theotown can be played completely offline which is super good considering it's a free-to-play game.
  - community. The community is super helpful to new players and really nice when answering questions.
  - short build times. The build times are only minutes long which is really surprising for a free-to-play game.

The bad:
  - sandbox. Sandbox is a bit have to enable the "experimental build" to get into sandbox which is just unnecessary and should be changed back.
  - Free-to-play. The game could have been 10000000 times better if it was paid without the "diamond" currency for mods.
  - Mods behind premium currency. This one is pretty self explanatory. Mods being behind any kind of paywall is ridiculous.
  - lots of tapping. The menus are a bit cluttered requiring multiple taps to get where you need to go.
  - slow customer support. It took exactly 3 days to get in contact with support and by then I've already fixed the problem myself.
  - terrible Anticheat. The anticheat is super sensitive to the point where changing your phones time will set it off. When the anticheat is set off, a random meteor will strike your city and destroy everything along with some super annoying "this version is hacked" red text on top of the right corner by the menus.
  - a tutorial glitch. This tutorial glitch has been there since I started playing. The glitch prevents you from finishing the tutorial by not allowing you to put down pipes. This has been reported by reviewers and emails, but it has not been fixed sadly I do not think it will be fixed.


Honestly, I think TheoTown is worth a try. Especially if you enjoyed simcity back in the day. I wish there was more to say, but once you played one city builder you've played them all. I hope you enjoyed my view of TheoTown.

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