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Hey, what's up guys. Today I wanna talk about dead space mobile. Yes, you heard me, Dead Space Mobile. The Famous Scifi Horror game Dead space was ported to android, IOS, BlackBerry, and Xperia by iron monkey studios and published by EA on the Playstore an the apple app store in 2011. I will only be focusing on the android version since that's my primary OS. Sadly this game, just like Simcity Deluxe and many others was pulled from the playstore and not updated anymore by EA without any kind of notice to the users.

This lead to people who had it purchased and downloaded eventually not having any audio due to android updates changing the way audio is processed. The audio changed to static and rendered it useless, luckily the game had a subtitles option which can be used to play the game without missing dialog, but doing this does ruin the atmosphere which dead space is known for. Sound is so important to dead space that it's highly recommended to play with a good headset to experience it fully.

So I went on a search to find a audio fixed version of the game. I finally found one going through reddit and searching for it after hours. I've tested the game on both my devices. A Samsung Galaxy Amp prime 3 (Android 8.x.x) and A Samsung Galaxy s7 edge (Android 4.x.x). The game runs smoothly on both devices without problems. This is another great mobile game that EA has pulled from the store which is just ridiculous. EA is known for pulling Good Premium games from the app stores without any kind of notice leaving the people who paid out-of-luck when it comes to support or updates of any kind.

I'm trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible with only the basic lay down of the plot and timeline. The games story focuses on a newly converted Unitologist, Vandal, on a mission in the mines of Titan Station, orbiting Saturn, in the year 2511. the game takes place after the events of the original Dead Space, but prior to the events of Dead Space 2 and shows how the Necromorph outbreak spread from the government to public sectors. It serves as the precursor to the events that transpire in Dead Space: Ignition, Dead Space 2 and Severed. The game is pretty much a must-have for any Dead Space fan that wants more story and lore regarding the time in-between The original Dead Space 1, and 2.

Small Fun Fact: in dead space 2, Isaac Clarke finds Vandal's last audio report floating next to the eviscerated remains of a human female, implying she died.

The controls are very well adapted to touchscreen with Players sliding their thumbs on either side of the screen to simulate the movement scheme of the original; movement on the left of the screen moves the character, movement on the right moves the camera. Players tilt the device to rotate the weapon's alignment. Players can move and explore freely, interact with objects, collect items and currency, and buy upgrades in much the same fashion as the original game on consoles. To reload The weapon, the player must tap the weapon, and contextual swipes upwards or downwards are occasionally necessary to do. To fire The weapon, the player taps the screen to aim, and then taps the screen again to shoot. The game also supports controllers so if you don't like the touch controls just play with a controller to get a even better dead space experience on your mobile device.

Chapters (in-order):
 1. Honorable Intentions
 2. Exit Wounds
 3. Willing Accomplice
 4. Identity Crisis
 5. Leaving Traces
 6. Lumbering Beast
 7. Bounds and Leaps
 8. Enrochment
 9. Trading up
10. Reversal
11. Acute Psychosis
12. Yesterday's Problem


I hope you enjoy the game. It took me ages to find it, test it, and make sure it's safe to upload. All the links are RIGHT below including a virustotal scan of the apk.

Dead Space Virustotal

Download Dead Space 2.0 (Sound fixed)

Check out Simcity deluxe mobile

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