Farm Wars: A Farming Strategy MMO

Hey, what's up guys. Today I wanna talk a new game that I've found for android that I've been absolutely hooked on. It's called Farm Wars by LITE Games. It's a Farming MMO which has weekly tournaments/leaderboards, companies(clans), and chatting. I just wanna go over 5 things that I like the most about this gem and what I also dislike the most about it, because as you know in the the gaming world, nothing is truly perfect without flaws.

  - Chatting and Clans make it so much more than other farm games.
  - Simple UI. The UI is beyond simple and easy to grasp.
  - Easy to use link to earn premium "gold eggs" when somebody downloads the game using said link.
  - The tutorial is amazingly done and it doesn't take a full 5 - 10 minutes to finish like most games on the market.
  - tournaments give huge rewards (big list below for a preview of the prizes).

  - Luck Wheel Increases price upon use, and becomes useless pretty quick due to the rewards not changing. The price does reset after the day is up.
  - ways to earn premium eggs are seriously lacking. No way to warn them other than tournaments, and the leaderboards.
  - earning feathers is tedious due to being forced to watch ads for only 50 feathers each an playing the minigames which payout based on how good you do (which still isn't a good enough payout since feathers are used for the wheel)
  - very very very very slow progression and growing. This makes it where it's hard to catch a high demand product unless you predict what's gonna be next or wait till the 14 hour high demand time during the night to sow, grow, and harvest.
  - 2 important things are locked behind a premium wall. The ability to get a prediction on the next demand and showing upgrade bonuses on the market page.

Prizes, and information about the game is right below. This game is beyond unique being due to it being a "Farming MMO" which are slim to none on the market that's become overwhelmed with Reskins. I think this game does deserve a download and try. The game itself takes up very minimal space and it's free so trying it out to see if it clicks won't hurt.

  - Speedy Crops.
  - Memory Master
  - Simon Says

More ways to get silver eggs:
  - Click daily on the chicken.
  - Earning feathers and spinning the Lucky Wheel.
  - You will also receive 1 egg for each millionof equity you made - to a maximum of 50 per game.
  - When ever you reach a new level.
  - Completing the game tutorial.
  - Saving your farm.
  - Joining a company the first time.

More ways to get Gold eggs:
  - Someone sponsoring you the eggs.
  - Challenging a friend, and you do better than him/her.
  - Playing the stock market, and the company you have shares in wins the game.
  - Buying eggs with real money.

About the Game:
Farm Wars is a free-to-play game where you compete against everyone else playing, to see who can run the most successful farm by making the most money.

Games last only one week, and new games are started every Monday morning and ends Sunday evenings. The count-down clock for the game is on the leader-board page.

The person with the most equity at the end of the game wins.

The whole game is based around 1 market with 9 crops. You need to strategize, and outsmart the competition, Or join forces to manipulate the market, But only the smart will make it to the top.

As mentioned theres tournaments that take place which offer prizes, To qualify for any prize listed below you must have made at least 1 sale in the game.

The Prizes:
  - Game Winner - 1000 eggs.
  - 2nd Place - 750 eggs.
  - 3rd Place - 500 eggs.
  - 4th .. 5th Place - 300 eggs.
  - 6th .. 10th Place - 200 eggs.
  - 11th .. 20th Place - 100 eggs.
  - Biggest Sale - 400 eggs.
  - 2nd Biggest Sale - 300 eggs.
  - 3rd Biggest Sale - 200 eggs.
  - CEO of Winning Company - 400 eggs.
  - Director or Member of Winning Company - 200 eggs.
  - Dead Last - 150 eggs.
  - Moving Target (rank 50) - 200 eggs.
  - Getting the first plot (for each plot number - Only level 2+ players) - 50 eggs.
  - Daily top 5 on the leaderboard - 50 eggs each.
  - Daily top 5 on each mini-game leaderboard - 30 eggs each.

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