JWTG Service

Welcome to Jurassic World The Game Service Page. If you don't wanna use lucky patcher or root your phone, but still want hacked resources/Max Level then this service is for you.

Details (Resources Only):
Price - $1 USD
What's Hacked - DNA (regular), Food, Coins, Dino-Bucks, VIP Points.

Details (Resources & Level):
Price - $2 USD
what's Hacked - DNA (regular), Food, Coins, Dino-Bucks, VIP Points, Max Level (75).

Details (Indo-Dinos):
Price - $3
What's Hacked - Max Level IndoRaptor, and Indominus Rex.

Details (all-in-one):
Price - $4 USD
What's Hacked - Max Level, All Resources maxed, Max Level Indo-dinos (Indoraptor, Indominus Rex).

If you're interested or have questions, email: Johnkittziosgod@gmail.com with the subject "Jurassic World The Game Service" or "Jurassic World The Game Service Questions" and I'll make sure to respond as quick as possible.

Before Puchasing/Emailing: This will require a facebook linked save, therefore I will need your facebook login information to mod everything. You can change your password once I'm done.

Note for resources: Make sure to have Ready to claim Quests with the resources as rewards, or make sure to have the Trade Dock Unlocked an ready to go.

Note for Level: It might longer than usual due to being forced to sit through every level up reward screen up to 75.

Note For Indo-Dinos: it might take awhile depending on what you already have unlocked.